The E Series 22kW AC EV Charger is an electric vehicle charging station specifically designed for home or commercial use to charge electric vehicles (EVs) with an AC (alternating current) power supply. 
The E Series 22k AC EV Charger provides a charging power of up to 22 kilowatts (W). This high power output enables fast charging of compatible electric vehicles, significantly reducing charging time compared to lower power charg.
The E 22kW AC EV Charger typically comes with a Type 2 connector, which is a common standard for AC charging Europe. However, the connector type may vary depending the specific model or region.
The E Series 22kW AC EV Charger is compatible with most electric vehicles that are equipped a Type 2 charging inlet. This includes popular electric car models from different manufacturers.
The charger usually supports different charging modes such as Mode 3 or Mode 4. 3 is the standard charging mode for home charging, while Mode4 is a faster charging mode used in commercial or public charging.
The Series 22kW AC Charger typically includes a user-friendly interface with an LCD screen or LED indicators, allowing users to monitor the charging process, adjust charging settings, and view charging status.
The charger is equipped with various safety features like current overload, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, and ground fault detection to ensure safe and reliable charging.
The E Series 22kW AC EV Charger requires installation by a qualified electrician. The installation process may involve wiring and connection to the power supply, and it is crucial to comply with local codes and regulations.
It’s important to note that details and features of the E Series 22kW AC EV Charger may vary depending on the manufacturer and model.'s recommended to refer to the product documentation consult with the manufacturer or a certified dealer for precise information.


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