A double-sided pole for an EV charger refers to a charging station setup where the charging equipment is mounted on both sides of the pole. This configuration allows for simultaneous charging on both sides, providing more charging capacity and convenience for electric vehicle owners.
A double-sided pole essentially consists of two separate charging stations, one on each side. Each station includes charging equipment, such as charging connectors, cables, and control panels, allowing two electric vehicles to charge simultaneously.
By utilizing both sides of the pole, a double-sided configuration optimizes space efficiency. This is particularly useful in areas with high demand for charging infrastructure but limited available space. It allows for more charging points while minimizing the footprint of the charging station.
The double-sided pole can be mounted in different ways, depending on the specific requirements and installation environment. It can be embedded in the ground or surface-mounted using brackets or a sturdy base. The mounting should be secure enough to support the weight of the charging equipment and withstand any external forces.
When considering the installation of a double-sided pole for an EV charger, it is recommended to consult with professionals or certified electricians. They can assess your site’s requirements and provide guidance on the most suitable equipment, installation approach, and any necessary electrical considerations to ensure proper functionality and safety.


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