A single-sided pole for an EV charger refers to a charging station setup where the charging equipment is mounted on one side of the pole. The pole serves as a support structure for the charger, providing a convenient and organized charging solution for electric vehicles.

The pole is designed to securely hold the charging equipment, such as the charging connectors, cables, and control panels, on one side. The design ensures easy access and visibility for electric vehicle owners to connect and disconnect their vehicles for charging.

Single-sided poles are often chosen in scenarios where space is limited or where there is only one direction of approach for vehicles. The single-sided design maximizes space efficiency while still providing the necessary functionality.

The pole can be mounted in different ways, depending on the specific requirements and installation environment. It can be embedded in the ground or surface-mounted using brackets or a sturdy base. The mount should be robust enough to withstand the weight of the charging equipment and any external forces.

To maintain a neat and organized charging station, a single-sided pole may come with built-in cable management features. These features include cable guides, hooks, or brackets to securely hold and manage the charging cables, minimizing tripping hazards and maintaining a clean aesthetic.


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