Design With a Heartbeat of LINCHR's EV Charger

Time of issue:

2022-09-16 17:52

The design concept of LINCHR is “less is more”. We trust that a qualified product looks simple but uses naturally.

Geometric shape frame

We always pay attention to streamlining contracted and fluent without redundant design. So our H-series EV charger has a basically geometric shape frame, simplified appearance design. It is specially designed a letter L  on the shell, which is the initial of our brand LINCHR.


All black appearance

Black is the most appropriate color, which stands for classic, calm and eternal. All black appearance pairs with a white and orange logo, giving people the feeling of a bright and neutral purpose, and the strong contrast below makes that people's eyes are suddenly attracted.

Technological LED indicator
Neat and compact appearance with multi-colored LED indicator. It automatically lights on when charging, and its color will change by different charging states.

Ergonomic and aesthetic design

Abandoning the bulky shape, we specially designed a simple and compact size, which can set installation and users free.

Fully details with design, our EV chargers not only have a wide popularity, but also bring users  more unique charging experience, leading the fashion style of EV charger brands.


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