Compact Size As Half A4 Paper For Home Charging!

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Comprehensive functions Smart Charger

Locking solenoid

Adopt CT or electric meter solution to realize dynamic load balancing management, and easily solve the problem of load overload

Integrated Type B RCD

Earth Leakage Protection 6mA DC+ 30mA AC leakage detection is already in the charger, no Type B RCD required.

Nearly ten minutes to complete the installation

The operation is very simple, and the installation can be completed within ten minutes by following the installation instructions.

Compact size as half of A4 paper

Enclosure dimensions is 210mmx160mmx126mm, weight as 2.5kg, you can easy hold by one hand.

Highest Security Standard

Compliant with international standards IEC 61851-1, IEC 61851-22, IEC 62196-2, with CE by TUV Rheinland

Rating of power

It can be adjust via Wi-Fi or DIP switch.

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LINCHR C-Series 7kW charger is designed for the customers who like simple and convenient charging at home. With neat and compact design, easy charger is only half size of A4 Paper, which makes it easy to install and use. This mini charger is compatible with all plug-in electric vehicles. All you need is just the correct cable for your vehicle. Type B leakage protection ensures a safe charging process.

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For safety and legislative reasons, LINCHR recommends OZEV Certified Installers. Here is more information for LINCHR Authorized Installers.

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What should be considered before the installation?
-How much electricity is available for the charging infrastructure?
-With what power do you want to charge the car?
-How many cars will be charged at the same time now and in the future?
-Is there enough signal reception at the installation site? Is there a need for a WLAN access point? or repeater/adapter?
Does the LINCHR C-Series need an earth rod?
Yes, C-Series is a simple charger with basic functions, but need to install an extra ground rod for safety.
How to charge your car via C-Series charger?
- Make sure the Easy charger is power on
- Plug the cable into the vehicle
- Plug cable into Easy charger
- The Vehicle should start to charge
Can I put my LINCHR C-Series outside?
Yes, you can, because the LINCHR C-Series has a protection level of up to IP54, IK08, which can be very effective against weather and collision.
What does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this section due to different charging power and pricing from different energy companies.
Can I use my own electrician to install LINCHR chargers?
All LINCHR charging products must be installed by a LINCHR Approved installer. This is to ensure that the product is installed correctly.
Contact us to check the nearest LINCHR Approved installer near you.


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