01 Sep,2022

LINCHR announces partnership with Monta on UK EV charger


EV charger solution provider , LINCHR and software provider, Monta, have announced a new partnership. We join forces to expand the global presence to the UK and enhance the charging experience of our clients.


Through this strategic partnership, the charger owners across the UK can take advantage of the local smart software to improve the charging experience now .


LINCHR charging solution has covered different usage scenario including residential, business such as hotel, workplace etc.


Intelligentization is the core philosophy of LINCHR, therefore, EV drivers can now gain full control over access, usage, and availability to their charge points, such as smart queueing, charge point reservation, load-balancing and solar matching. Plus, as the EV charger are open protocol, any brand or model of EV is able to use the chargers.


Besides, LINCHR can also provide 24/7 customer support and a payment system for charger owners , who can share their EV charger, access roaming networks, and view their charging data to revenue.


“By partnering with Monta, were ensuring wholesalers, installers, and EV drivers get access to the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) whether theyre at home, the workplace, or at a public charge point,” said Leona Yan, Senior BD Manager at LINCHR. “Not only will this help comply with the UK’s new smart charging regulations, but also help users control and manage the chargers remotely even if they are travelling.”


“We don’t just need more hardware to fill the UKs increasing demand for EV chargers, but more intelligent infrastructure that is able to meet future challenges as the rollout of EVs continues,” said Alok Dubey, UK Country Manager at Monta.


“As LINCHR's strategic partner, Monta will assist in the development of intelligent charging for the UKs EV charging network to provide a stress-free charging experience, and were looking forward to working together to deliver this seamless service to UK organisations and EV drivers,” said Dubey.



Established in 2015, LINCHR today is an internationally active company in EV charging field. Through continuous technical accumulation and product innovation, LINCHR has become a professional charger supplier.


LINCHR offers turnkey charging solutions for homes, apartment blocks, commercial buildings,and public areas. The product portfolio includes AC EV charging stations, DC EV charging stations, intelligent test devices and micro-grid energy storage.


So far, LINCHR has installed more than 800,000 EV chargers in more than 17 countries, including the UK and Europe. Headquartered in Beijing, LINCHR has a more than 30% market share in the China EV charging market, making it one of the largest installers in China.


About Monta

Monta is an electric vehicle (EV) charging platform that is looking to revolutionise EV charge point infrastructure across Europe. By providing an EV charging app for car owners and a management system for charge point owners, Monta connects drivers, site owners and charge installers to supercharge electric vehicles and create an open, accessible network of charge point infrastructure.


The Monta software allows any company, organisation, and public entity with available sites and space to view, manage and set up charge points for employees, guests, and public EV drivers. Charge point owners can then manage users, power usage, pricing, access, and transactions through the Monta app.


Through peer-to-peer charging, homeowners can share their chargers with a community of EV drivers as a source of additional income while helping save the planet. By connecting personal EV chargers to the Monta app, private charge point owners can view their charging history, manage access to the charge point, and set their own pricing and usage.


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