10 Mar,2023

More UK funding for thousands of new EV chargepoints announced


£56 million will pay for 2,400 and more chargepoints installation

Recently, Department for Transport (DfT) announced that £56 million in public and industry funding will pay for 2,400 new chargepoints installation.

The installation of chargepoints will cover 16 local authorities such as Oxfordshire, Norfolk, and Cumbria. And drivers across the country will benefit from it.

The local authorities also will be supported by the funding to work with private businesses and charge point operators to have "tens of thousands more" chargepoints installed in the long term.

It can be seen that the government is going to support the expansion of electric vehicle charging across the country, and help more people to make the transition to using EVs. By driving EV charging, it can get closer to the goal of zero-emission vehicles, which has already been supported by £2 billion according to DfT.


EV charging devices are not keeping up with demand in the UK

EV sales are on the rise overall. Society of Motor Traders and Manufacturers (SMMT) figures revealed that BEV car sales increased by 40% to 267,000 in the last year.

However, the infrastructure is not keeping up with demand with fewer than 9,000 public EV charging devices installed across the country, and the number of installed public devices has increased by just 8,680 in the last year, showed by recent government figures


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