11 Oct,2020

LINCHR Enters the Daimler Supplier List


Recently, LINCHR has successfully entered the supplier list of Daimler Greater China Ltd(hereinafter referred to as "Daimler"). With its strong research and development strength, manufacturing capability and high-quality service system, LINCHR will supply Daimler with electric vehicle charging and discharging simulation test systems, which provides standard charging and discharging tests for electric vehicles. Its high integration, safety and reliability, and strong scalability offers a reliable guarantee for new energy vehicle application market.



Electric vehicle charging and discharging simulation test system



Daimler visited LINCHR for a comprehensive management and production audit in project, technology, production, quality, etc. Daimler expressed appreciation for LINCHR's dedication and gave pertinent suggestions for optimization. LINCHR will continue to upgrade to help the automation and intelligence of electric vehicle charging and discharging testing to meet the market demand and achieve win-win development for the vehicle company.


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