12 Dec,2020

Technology Innovation Boosts E-Mobility: LINCHR at 2020 SNEIVC Conference


On December 11, 2020, LINCHR was invited to participate in the "5th International Silk Road New Energy and Intelligent Networked Vehicle Conference" hosted by Xi'an Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and Shaanxi Automotive Engineering Society.


In the trend of electric vehicle intelligence, networking and energy, LINCHR has launched ecellent solutions for different group of customers. For destination charging and discharging services, the company offers low-power DC charging, AC charging, automatic charging, orderly charging and three-dimensional garage charging to meet the diversified charging needs of electric vehicles in multiple scenarios. For public charging stations, LINCHR has launched comprehensive service stations, which deeply integrate the core technologies of light, storage, charging, discharging and inspection. Inspection and maintenance services for new energy vehicles are also provided .


LINCHR has developed in the field of new energy vehicle charging, advanced innovative ideas, and rigorous product after years of research. LINCHR will bring the strongest energy into the technical development of the new energy vehicle industry by making new energy vehicles more intelligent and reliable and reconstructing the vehicle ecological network and connecting new energy vehicles into thousands of households. LINCHR takes the vehicle micro network as a carrier to consume new energy and will promote the new energy revolution.


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