11 Oct,2020

LINCHR at the State Grid E-Mobility Expo


On October 10, 2020, LINCHR was invited to exhibit at the 5th China International Electric Vehicle Expo hosted by the State Grid in Beijing. LINCHR presents the whole ecology for new energy vehicles and the whole scenario of charging and discharging services at the exhibition. The smart charging solution, V2V mobile rescue solution, intelligent detection solution and new energy micro-grid solution has attracted the public attention.


LINCHR develops full life cycle charging and discharging services for electric vehicles. From the vehicle in the development of experimental period, market application period to the vehicle in the end of the retirement stage, LINCHR offers customized solutions to better promote the intelligent travel experience.


The low power DC charging, AC charging, automatic charging, orderly charging, and three-dimensional garage charging can meet the diversified charging needs of electric vehicles in multiple scenarios. For electric vehicle owners, they generally have "range anxiety", so the mobile rescue and car replacement services can help them drive without worrying about the charging. The intelligent testing system provides an accurate testing service for the power battery of the whole car without dismantling the car. It can achieve the maintenance and testing of the power battery of electric cars, evaluation of second-hand cars and the power battery recycling in lower cost and maximize the value of electric cars.




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