30 Oct,2020

LINCHR Empowers Intelligent Building Innovation


LINCHR was invited to attend Hemudu's "Smart Building" forum in Xi'an, and delivered a keynote speech. 


In the trend of new infrastructure, the future construction of smart communities will play an important role in the development of new infrastructure. With more and more private car owners using electric vehicles, the construction of charging points for new energy vehicles accelerates. But charging for residential communities and commercial properties still faces problems such as the large initial investment, insufficient power capacity, and poor user experience. These seriously hinder the transformation in new infrastructure in the communities.


LINCHR provides full-scene charging and discharging solutions for the real estate industry. With professional technical advantages and excellent solutions, LINCHR meets the new demands and challenges brought by the rapid construction of smart communities.


LINCHR has developed the intelligent AC charging pile. With its exquisite and compact design and interface functions, it brings the seamless experience to users. Users can complete the operation of charging point control and payment settlement through an APP, WeChat, Alipay and other platforms. In case of poor signal in underground parking, there is a customized offline operation management system to restart the charging function.



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