27 Sep,2021

The 9th Philippine New Energy Electric Vehicle Exhibition(EVAP) in 2021


The 9th Philippine New Energy Electric Vehicle Exhibition(EVAP) will be held in Manila, Philippines from September 23-25, 2021, and an online exhibition will be held simultaneously to cater for companies unable to participate due to the epidemic. Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Shell and other well-known companies participated in the online exhibition as the representatives of exhibitors, and LINCHR was also invited to participate in the event.



The exhibition is organized by the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines, under the theme: "Strengthening Partnerships for Electrification of Public and Private Transportation", envisages a focus on the area of public-private partnerships to stimulate growth and demand for electric vehicles in public and private transportation. On the public sector side, the Department of Transportation's utility vehicle(PUV) modernization program is in full swing and will soon launch its projects to create an enabling environment for the commercialization of low-carbon urban transportation systems in the Philippines.


The global new energy policy is favorable, which has accelerated the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, and the application of new energy charging points is also blooming all over the world. LINCHR has always put product innovation first. Through its own R&D strength and comprehensive service capabilities, it has specially launched high-quality products for overseas markets. Once launched in overseas markets, it has received warm response and praise.


LINCHR will provide customers with professional and competitive products and solutions through continuous innovation and upgrading of technical products, and working together with partners to make efforts for the global green energy transformation!



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