27 Sep,2021

Good news! The monthly shipment of LINCHR AC charging points exceeded 10,000 units.


LINCHR has been in the field of electric vehicle charging since 2015. With continuous expansion and development, LINCHR has achieved great success. It accounts for nearly one-third of the domestic market, and began to develop international business in 2020. Currently, it has sold to many European countries, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, and Iceland etc.

The achievement of LINCHR's monthly shipment of 10,000 units is inseparable from the efforts and dedication of every employee. In this fast-growing sunrise industry, there is still h a lot of room for development, and we hope to lead everyone to achieve higher results and a better happiness life in the future as we make LINCHR a world-class brand.

We always welcome companies in the field of electric vehicle charging from all over the world to communicate and cooperate with us!



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