08 Feb,2022

German Companies And Municipal Users Can Get KFW441,439 Subsidy Through LINCHR E-Series Products


The LINCHR E-series wallbox satisfies the subsidy application of KFW441,439.



The KFW441 is suitable for companies and municipal corporations, freelancers and non-profit organizations, and can charge company vehicles and employees' private cars with a subsidy of up to 900 euros per charging point.


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Who can get the grant:

· Company

· Self-employed

· Freelancers

· Municipal Corporation

· Companies and institutions under public law, such as B. Chambers of Commerce and Associations

· Nonprofits, including churches


KFW 439 is used for charging station In parking lots without public access. The maximum subsidy for each charging point is 900 euros, the minimum subsidy amount is 9000 euros, and the minimum subsidy is 10 charging points.


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Who can get the grant:

· Municipalities and counties

· They are legally dependent on their business

· Municipal Special Purpose Association

· If one applicant alone does not meet the minimum funding amount of 9,000 euros, multiple applicants can join forces, provided that one applicant accepts the application. This became KfW's sole contractual partner.


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