18 Aug,2022

LINCHR Successfully Held the First Offline Installer Training Event


On August 17, 2022, the well-known innovative EV charger brand LINCHR , held the first offline installer training event in Birmingham, UK. Many professional installers were invited to participate in the event. Besides, Joe Mitchell-Charman, the business development manager of Monta, attended as LINCHR ‘s partner representative. And the Senior Business Development Managers of LINCHR, David and Leona as the trainer to lead everyone to experience the new productH-series EV charger, and at the same time trained to learn the installation method of the new product.

At the beginning of the event, David introduced the company background and corporate vision of LINCHR. As an innovative enterprise that has been exploring the field of EV charger for more than 6 years, LINCHR has been committed to providing customers with smart EV charger solutions in multiple scenarios including residential, commercial, and light commercial usage. David also said that with excellent quality and efficient service, LINCHR has been highly recognized by customers, and has accumulated more business and service experience. Up to now, LINCHR has cooperated with a number of internationally renowned enterprises, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and well-known electrical wholesalers.

Next, Leona showed the new product LINCHR H-series EV charger, and explained its appearance, performance and product highlights in detail. It is presented that LINCHR H-Series EV charger is designed especially for the UK & the European market for home and commercial charging requirements with compact, modern, and full function design. In terms of performance, based on the original functions, a new upgrade has been carried out, such as startup modes, safety and protection. Furthermore, many new functions like solar matching have been added. In addition, Leona showed the installation video for everyone.

In the following process, Joe Mitchell-Charman introduced that LINCHR was connected to Monta, which is a state-of-the art, free home charging APP for EV drivers. So he mainly demonstrated the features of the APP. And he said that as a strategic partner, LINCHR and Monta will strongly join forces in the field of EV charger.

After all the sessions, it’s time for exciting draw. To congratulations, the finally grand prize was drawn by the installer from Chargepoint EV Ltd. And the other participants got huge coupons.

Everyone is happy with that.

After the event, everyone was very interested in the product and actively asked questions on the spot. The person in charge of LINCHR answered questions in detail.

Last but not least, the site attended by the installers after professional training, have been approved by LINCHR Approved installer Certificate, later end users can rest assured to find them to install LINCHR EV charger.

The first training for offline installers in the UK was successfully completed, realizing the in-depth brand communication from point to point. In the future, LINCHR will continue to hold such activities to strengthen the cooperation of installers and the training of professional skills.

At the same time, LINCHR will continue to deepen our work in the field of EV charger, constantly give full play to our technological advantages and constantly innovate and create products to greatly meet the demand of the market.

LINCHR hope to cooperate with more prospective customers and provide better service for customers. It also call on more partners to join in, work together for mutual benefit and win-win.


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