16 Sep,2022

LINCHR is on the list of subsidy for EV chargers in Austrian


The Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) is providing a total funding of 167.2 million euros for the promotion of electromobility in 2022 under the project of E-mobility offensive in Austria. Out of this funding, 15.2 million euros will be for company electric charging infrastructure and 21.5 million euros in funding available for electric mobility for private individuals and for company electric light vehicles including electric two-wheelers and electric bicycles. The funding will be applicable to chargers only powered by renewable energy and the deadline to apply is March 31st, 2023


LINCHR not only has a excellent performance of EV charger, but also is certificated by many Governmental institutions.

We are now on the list of the Austrian Governmental Subsidy for wallboxes for the promotion campaign E-charging Infrastructure 2022.


Our customers in Austria can enjoy a subsidy of 600-1800 for private charging.

Here are more details:

Private (Residential) Charging
The private charging infrastructure can be funded with a joint application together with a private e-vehicle
purchase or independently of the vehicle purchase as pure EV charger. The funding provides:
• 600 Euros for a wallbox installed in a single/ 2-family home
• 900 euros for a wallbox installed in a multi-family house with a single system
• 1800 euros for a wallbox with load management in an apartment building as part of a community system



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