28 Aug,2023

Australian Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging market





In the year of 2023, Australia's Electric Vehicle (EV) market has entered a phase of rapid development. The annual sales volume, which was just about 30,000 units in 2022, in the first half of 2023, this number has surged to over 40,000 units. What's more is this number continuously doubling. It is certainly that the Electric Vehicle (EV) market in Australia is flourishing, and the EV charging infrastructure is experiencing exponential growth. Tesla is the biggest winner in both EV and EV chargers in Australia. Some Australian installers reporting that for residential EV chargers, Tesla occupies 70% of the market share.





As a manufacturer of EV charger, LCTC produces AC chargers that are fully compatible with Tesla Model Y and Model 3. In fact, our charger can be matched with all type 2 EVs, as well as BYD Atto3 and MG ZS. LCTC 7.4kw easy charger, serves as a versatile alternative to Tesla's charger. It's a compact device that offers plug-and-play convenience, ensuring user-friendly charging experience. For an upgrade version, LCTC has a high technology AC charger with solar matching, load balancing, smart App, as well as the OCPP1.6J.


Both of the two chargers have its own market and users in Australia. And they have been tested by hundreds of thousands of users all over the world, resulting in a high level of maturity and reliability.




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