05 Sep,2023

Ways to Make Your EV Charging Station More Popular



If you are a business owner looking to increase the popularity of your charging station among customers, it is important to recognize that electric vehicles charging stations are undergoing reform.



In 2022, the renowned car brand Audi launched the Audi Charging Hub to enhance people's charging experience. This innovative hub consists of a building with chargers mounted on the exterior walls of the first floor, providing car owners with a convenient and efficient way to charge their vehicles. The upstairs space offers comfortable seating areas, snacks, coffee, and more, allowing people to relax, work, or engage in other activities while their car is charging. Additionally, users can easily book charging appointments through their mobile phones, eliminating the need to wait unpredictably. This pilot project was successfully constructed and put into operation in Nuremberg South.


The Audi Charging Center has been completed in Nuremberg South and will be operational as a pilot project by the end of 2022. By Audi


JD Power, a research firm that closely monitors consumer sentiment regarding EVs, has reported that drivers are consistently dissatisfied with the limited options for activities during the charging process. Unlike the relatively quick process of refueling a traditional vehicle with gas, obtaining a full charge for an electric vehicle typically takes about 30 minutes, resulting in a longer wait time.



"I can't tell you how many responses we get from EV owners who are saying, 'It'd be really nice to have an awning for when it's raining,'" Brent Gruber, executive director of the firm's EV practice, . "Or a place to sit down and relax, or even simple things like garbage cans to be able to clean out my car while I'm charging."


EV Chargers in  Parking spaces



Owners also complain about charging stalls being too far from places to grab food or shop, Gruber said. Moreover, plugs are often relegated to some dimly lit back corner of a parking lot, meaning they can be unsettling to access at night.


Much of the current charging infrastructure was built years ago, when EVs weren't nearly as popular and carefully choosing locations wasn't as much of a priority as getting stalls in the ground, often with the goal of receiving government grants, experts said.



EV Chargers are on the walls of buildings.



To meet the current demands of people, electric vehicle charging stations must undergo reform. In the future, companies that are already engaged in fuel, service, and food industries will significantly increase the proportion of chargers. People will be able to charge their electric vehicles while going about their daily activities. You may even see charging stations that are open 24 hours.


To enhance people's charging experience, many companies are striving to make improvements. If you want to attract more users to your charging station, it is important to consider incorporating ways to pass the time into your charging station design plan.





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