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We lead a way in electric vehicle charging solution

Linkcharging Technology Company Limited (LCTC) is the superior supplier and manufacturer of EV chargers in the globe, focusing on offering the best possible charging solutions for home, business and public spaces. With abundant product development experience and advanced manufacturing, LCTC is able to provide clients with industry-leading solution, state-of-the-art products and profitable business opportunities.

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Charging Smart, Charging Simple

Home Charging

Business Charging

LINCHR-EV charging

Accelerate your EV charging business growth with us

We have supported Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia in going electrical with over 800k units AC and DC chargers installed in more than 20 countries. We are authorized suppliers of Daimler,Benz and many automotive OEMs, and have established cooperation with State Grid.


800 K +

LINCHR is favored by customers for its superior performance, and the current cumulative installation volume exceeds 800K.

Exported to

30 Countries

LINCHR is currently sold in more than 30 countries and we are committed to facilitating the transition to electric vehicles for customers in more countries.


1 Type

LINCHR chargers are compatible with all types of cars and power supplies.


7 *24 Hours

With 7X24 hours consulting and after-sales service, a friendly and fast customer service and technical support will be offered timely to our customers.

Powered by Monta, we make home charging simple and accessible

LINCHR-EV charging

· Remotely control your EV charging
· Edit settings from the app or via web 
· Schedule charges so your car is ready when you are
· Just scan the QR code or NFC sticker to start a charge
· Scheduled charging to allow you to select a time for your charges outside peak hours
· Decide who can use your domestic charge point, when and at what KWH rate
· Users can request access and you can send invites to neighbours/family members
· Make your domestic charger private/public or schedule it
· Real-time information on your car and battery levels to maximiaze your charging experience
· Use your preferred payment method - Apple pay, or credit/debit card
· Cable lock option 


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URL Change

Our company's branding is being upgraded, lctc-group.com will be the new URL used, Note: www.linkcharging.com is still available; at the same time, we will also adjust the content and layout of the website accordingly.


In order to ensure the consistency of the LCTC (Linkcharging Technology Company Limited) brand identity, we have changed the Company logo. The new logo is LCTC. Please pay attention to the application of the new LCTC Logo when you visit the new website.


LINCHR is the brand name one of LCTC product line. LINCHR's logo has also been updated, so Please pay attention to the application of the new LINCHR Logo when you visit the new website.

E-mail stays

LCTC Corporation's email suffix remains the same: @linkcharging.com. The email address is hello@linkcharging.com.

LCTC appreciate the support of all our customers. LCTC will continue to work hard to provide you with better service and products.

LCTC (Linkcharging Technology Company Limited)