About LCTC

Linkcharging Technology (LCTC) is a company with over six years of experience, offering turnkey EV charging solutions for homes, business and public spaces.

LCTC focuses on developing innovative solutions for charging and power management, linking the present to the future and creating a smooth road for the journey of electricity in our lives.

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Now the installed number of AC charging stations, DC charging points and on-board charging equipment we designed has exceeded 800,000 which makes us one of the largest installed capacities in China.


We began to expand the international market, sharing our technology and products with overseas customers to serve the overseas electric vehicle and renewable energy markets in Europe and the United States.


Qingdao TGOOD Electric Co. Ltd reorganized Xi'an TGOOD Intelligent Charging Technology Co. Ltd. The TGOOD brand and the LINCHR brand were separated, and our technical team obtained the LINCHR brand and its related technologies, designs, patents, trade mark, etc. through an MBO establishing Linkcharging Technology Company Limited(LCTC) in Xi'an and Beijing.


We created the brand "LINCHR" for the idea of connecting the EV chargers, network and cloud platform. Since then our company has been run under the dual-brand strategy of TGOOD and LINCHR.


With Qingdao TGOOD Electric Co., Ltd., we established a joint venture -Xi'an TGOOD Intelligent Charging Technology Co., Ltd which was involved in the development, design and manufacturing of EV chargers in the China market. Our EV chargers are regularly supplied to TELD (one of the biggest EV charging networks in the world owned by TGOOD) and other EV charger networks with the TGOOD brand.


An elite group of engineers left Emerson, and based on that, we started our new entrepreneurial journey with a good, clear vision about electric vehicles and renewable energy.

In the days ahead, we always welcome new friends and partners to join us on our innovative EV charging journey to make the planet more sustainable and greener!


About working in LCTC

In LCTC, all employees work actively to become the best version of themselves. We believe this is a recipe for creating a dream workplace with inspired employees who have an inner glow and are looking forward to getting to work. Not because they have to, but because they genuinely want and because they realize that they are part of something bigger than themselves.

We have strong visions and ambitions, but we are in no hurry and we do not take shortcuts. We hate to deliver something half way and to compromise on customer experience and quality.

Working in LCTC

It is the journey that is the goal, not the end result.

LCTC aims to make the world a better place and we do this only by bringing the best people with us, by playing each other well and by caring genuinely about each other.

The LCTC team will make the impossible possible, and we will show that it is possible to change the world by having people in focus.


LCTC's Values

'The LCTC way'


Trust & Openness

Can people grow without trust and without getting feedback on what can be done better? Our opinion is that this is difficult, perhaps impossible... LCTC's goal is to exploit the potential of each individual and that everyone experiences the highest possible degree of freedom and ownership of their role.


Honesty & Love

At LCTC, everyone is working to become the best version of themselves and have fun with each other. It should be needless to say that everyone should be able to provide feedback and suggestions for improvements, and that every voice is heard. It should be allowed to trust your gut feeling and to be able to work your way, no matter where and when.


Vulnerability & Respect

Showing vulnerability requires enormous strength. You need to feel confident in yourself and your surroundings. This is something we at LCTC understand the importance of, and we are very concerned with creating a culture where everyone takes care of each other and where we give each other chances.

What is it like to start working in LCTC?

LCTC is a young company, We are morbidly committed to welcoming the new ones who join us on the journey, so that they can feel safe and begin to perform optimally in the shortest possible time.

In order to thrive in LCTC, you must be open to trust and freedom, as well as love to take ownership of things. This means that you very much like to structure and prioritize your own everyday life and tasks. You will be part of a team of dedicated, kind and good people who work together for something bigger. We want to take good care of you and we will do our best to make the most of your potential.

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