Vision and Mission

In the face of the energy and climate crisis, we’re

looking for partners that have a shared vision of

creating better energy solution for a sustainable

world, and together to make it easy to charging EVs

in where people live, work and play.

Some of our existing partners

Our network includes all types of partners that support

and add value to Linkcharging customers, such as

power grid company, automaker, wholesaler, OEMs,

operating platform and technical inspection association, etc.

Build the future together

As an experienced EV charing partner and leader, we provide the flexibility to collaborate with us in multiple facets to futher expand business opportunities and create the bombastic EV charging experence for customers. 

By being partners we all have an interest and a responsibility of bringing value into our common business, together we see the big picture of what is possible.

Be our partner

We’re on the way up. Are you ready to join our journey?


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