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We, at LCTC, have been at the forefront of promoting a greener and more efficient mode of transportation in Europe for the past 5 years. Our dedicated research and development team continuously explores and develops smart electric vehicle charging products, always prioritizing the environment. Our commitment lies in creating the best charging solutions, as we firmly believe that electric mobility has the power to transform the world. We strive to innovate and collaborate, envisioning a future that fills us all with pride.

Core Values


At LCTC, sustainability is the cornerstone of our mission. Committed to reducing the carbon footprint in the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicle charging, we take a holistic approach to sustainability. Our cutting-edge charging solutions prioritize energy efficiency and eco-friendly practices. From the materials we use to the design of our products, every aspect is carefully considered to contribute to a greener future. We believe in fostering a sustainable ecosystem that empowers businesses to embrace cleaner energy solutions for a more environmentally conscious world.




Innovation is embedded in the DNA of LCTC. We thrive on pushing boundaries and pioneering advancements in B2B EV charging technology. Our commitment to innovation goes beyond merely keeping pace with the industry; it's about leading the charge. By continuously investing in research and development, we create intelligent, forward-thinking solutions that redefine the way businesses approach electric vehicle infrastructure. At LCTC, we are not just keeping up with change; we are driving it, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of electric mobility.




LCTC understands the power of collaboration. We believe that true progress is achieved through partnerships and shared expertise. Collaborating with businesses, government entities, and technology innovators, we create a network that accelerates the adoption of sustainable mobility solutions. Our collaborative spirit extends to our clients, ensuring that our EV charging solutions are tailor-made to meet their unique needs. At LCTC, we view collaboration as the linchpin for success, fostering a collective effort towards a future where electric vehicle charging infrastructure seamlessly integrates into the fabric of modern business.


Another breakthrough for LCTC as we unveiled the EJORNEE commercial charger brand, introducing the innovative S-Series as its first product, solidifying our commitment to advancing commercial EV charging solutions.


The H-Series, a testament to LCTC's commitment to innovation and sustainability, achieved a major milestone by seamlessly integrating into the European market. Successfully applied in the Europe, our H-Series home charging product demonstrated its effectiveness and adaptability, reaching across 30 countries. This accomplishment reflects our dedication to providing reliable, efficient, and globally applicable solutions, solidifying LCTC's position as a key player in the international electric vehicle charging landscape


LCTC made significant strides, launching the H-Series home charging product and expanding its business to approximately 40 countries worldwide.


In this pivotal year, LCTC was established with a clear mission to explore overseas markets. Our dedication bore fruit as the installed number of AC charging stations, DC charging points, and on-board charging equipment surpassed 800,000, solidifying our position as one of the largest installed capacities in China. This marked a significant stride in our commitment to providing cutting-edge EV charging solutions and expanding our influence globally.


Our global presence began to take shape as we expanded into international markets, sharing cutting-edge technology and products. The installed capacity of our AC charging stations, DC charging points, and on-board charging equipment exceeded 800,000, establishing LCTC as a major player in China.


A milestone moment as Qingdao TGOOD Electric Co. Ltd. reorganized Xi'an TGOOD Intelligent Charging Technology Co. Ltd. Through a Management Buyout (MBO), our technical team secured the LINCHR brand, including technologies, designs, patents, and trademarks. Thus, Linkcharging Technology Company Limited (LCTC) emerged with offices in Xi'an and Beijing.


The "LINCHR" brand was introduced, symbolizing the seamless connection of EV chargers, networks, and cloud platforms. Operating under a dual-brand strategy, our company thrived with TGOOD and LINCHR, setting the stage for innovation.


A visionary team, leaving Emerson, marked the genesis of our entrepreneurial journey. Teaming up with Qingdao TGOOD Electric Co., Ltd., we established the joint venture Xi'an TGOOD Intelligent Charging Technology Co., Ltd. This venture became the hub for the development, design, and manufacturing of EV chargers in the Chinese market. Our EV chargers, prominently carrying the TGOOD brand, found regular placement in TELD, one of the world's largest EV charging networks owned by TGOOD, and other prominent EV charger networks.

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Emily R:"Impressed with the reliability and efficiency of LCTC's EV chargers. Charging my electric vehicle has never been easier!"

Emily R:"Impressed with the reliability and efficiency of LCTC's EV chargers. Charging my electric vehicle has never been easier!"


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