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As an innovative and R&D-oriented company, LCTC has dedicated in EV charging and power management for a decade, which makes us the competitive supplier and manufacturer of EV chargers in the industry. Featured with a solid R&D team, superior product design and quality and fast service, LCTC is able to fully meet our customers' needs from product design to delivery and iteration.

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Led by our vision of driving the global electrical journey, LCTC with over 30% share of China EV charging market has supplied over 800k units AC and DC charging stations across more than 30 countries. Our business spans Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc. We will continue to address clients' energy challenges with our innovation and passion, and power every trip in a greener and cost-effective way.   

 Core competence


                       R&D capability
                          LCTC has invested heavily in R&D. We have a professional R&D team from Emerson, scientific research institutions and universities.

                          With a deep understanding of customers, utilising technology, expertise and pure inventiveness, the R&D team is committed to

                          creating products that comprehensively and efficiently satisfy customers' needs.


                       Production and delivery
                          LCTC has four factories in Shenzhen, Jiaxing, Chengdu and Mianyang in China, and the total production area is 7,500 square meters.

                          Supported by 8 digital production lines, industry-leading equipments, digital manufacturing process management and traceability of

                          key information, we are able to delivery products at scale with 135,000 units per year.

                          Abundant experience
                          Dedicated in EV charging and power management for a decade, LCTC has supplied over 800k units AC and DC charging stations across

                          more than 30 countries. We have office in Beijing and the UK. And Our business spans Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc. 

                          User centric design
                          With a highly talented in-house design teams that uphold the spirit of innovation and insight into market trend, our products are designed

                          with the user in mind like ease of use and compact styles that is suitable for the local market.

                          Cost-effective solution
                          Our cost-effective solution is based on flexible product solutions and price systems and automated digital production. Moreover, we have

                          a long-term and stable cooperation of reliable material suppliers. We are committed in offering high-quality and superior performance products

                          with advanced technology in pursuit of maintenance-free experience for our clients.

                          Professional customer service
                          With 7X24 hours consulting and after-sales service, a friendly and fast customer service and technical support will be offered timely in LCTC.




Now the installed number of AC charging stations, DC charging points and on-board charging equipment we designed has exceeded 800,000 which makes us one of the largest installed capacities in China.


We began to expand the international market, sharing our technology and products with overseas customers to serve the overseas electric vehicle and renewable energy markets in Europe and the United States.


Qingdao TGOOD Electric Co. Ltd reorganized Xi'an TGOOD Intelligent Charging Technology Co. Ltd. The TGOOD brand and the LINCHR brand were separated, and our technical team obtained the LINCHR brand and its related technologies, designs, patents, trade mark, etc. through an MBO establishing Linkcharging Technology Company Limited(LCTC) in Xi'an and Beijing.


We created the brand "LINCHR" for the idea of connecting the EV chargers, network and cloud platform. Since then our company has been run under the dual-brand strategy of TGOOD and LINCHR.


With Qingdao TGOOD Electric Co., Ltd., we established a joint venture -Xi'an TGOOD Intelligent Charging Technology Co., Ltd which was involved in the development, design and manufacturing of EV chargers in the China market. Our EV chargers are regularly supplied to TELD (one of the biggest EV charging networks in the world owned by TGOOD) and other EV charger networks with the TGOOD brand.


An elite group of engineers left Emerson, and based on that, we started our new entrepreneurial journey with a good, clear vision about electric vehicles and renewable energy.

In the days ahead, we always welcome new friends and partners to join us on our innovative EV charging journey to make the planet more sustainable and greener!

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