Flexible Payment

The Hierarchical maintenance design makes the maintenance and replacement much easier.

MID Metering

Various startup modes, RFID card, APP, Plug & Play.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Dynamic load management

Security & Safety

Solar energy compatibility

Flexible Payment

WIFI, ethernet, 4G for constant internet connection

Advertising & Branding

Saving on eletricity bills by scheduling off-peak charging.

Flexible Payment

Flexible ODM and private label service, customization service for unique design, label, packing cartons, APP, etc.

Advertising & Branding

Compliant with OCPP 1.6 JSON and compatible with most of the charging network platforms.

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Your electric adventure starts here

Your electric adventure starts here

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The UK new regulations are coming, is H-Series ready for them?
Yes, definitely! H-Series are created and born for the UK Electric Vehicle(Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021.
What should think about before the installation?
-How much electricity is available for the charging infrastructure?
-With what power do you want to charge the car?
-How many cars will be charged at the same time now and in the future?
-Is there enough signal reception at the installation site? Is there a need for a WLAN access point or repeater/adapter?
How many EV chargers can be bound to the LCTC smart app?
The LCTC smart app has no limit on the number of EV chargers that can be bound. Whether you have 5 installed at home or 20 installed in your company, you can effectively manage them through a registered account.
Does the LCTC H-Series need an earth rod?
No. The LCTCH-Series already has a ground rod built in and it is the safest option for EV chargers, Not needing to install an extra ground rod means no extra cost and easy installation.
How many RFID cards does the LCTC H-Series come standard with?
As a standard version, we provide two RFID cards, but if you have additional needs, you can contact us for consultation.
Can I put my LCTC H-Series outside?
Yes, you can, because the LCTC H-Series has a protection level of up to IP55, IK10, which can be very effective against weather and collision
What does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this section due to different charging power and pricing from different energy companies.
Can I view or export my monthly charge record?
Yes, the LINCHR smart app can support you to view the charging record online, including your charging start and end time and charging power.
Can I order an H-Series charger without installation and use my own electrician to fit it?
All LINCHR charging products must be installed by a LINCHR Approved installer. This is to ensure that the product is installed correctly. Contact us to check the nearest LINCHR Approved installer near you.


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